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Vampires RockVampires Rock is a musical comedy set in New York in the year 2030 where the undead are among us and livelier than ever!

Steve Steinman plays the charismatic and supremely evil Baron Von Rockula who is the owner of the Live and Let Die Club. Aspiring singer Pandora (Emily Clark) arrives to audition for the resident vocalist position and is the perfect choice for the Baron’s bride but he must convince her to agree to eternal immortality and live forever!

With the help of some classic rock played live by the Lost Boys, the Baron and his sidekick Stringfellow (Mike Taylor), attempt to convince Pandora to lose her soul to rock and roll!

The cast and musicians blast their way through the greatest rock anthems ever, including songs from Meat Loaf, Rainbow, AC/DC, Alice Cooper, the Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Queen, Suzi Quatro, White Snake, Bonnie Tyler and Cher.

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